SPH Red Apple Day Comes Round Again (ST)

BackFeb 02, 2013

WITH his fair skin, UFM 100.3 DJ Ken thought his vein could be easily located the last time he donated blood.

The blood vessel, however, proved elusive. Nurses had to poke both his arms a few times to find one.

Shrugging it off, he said: "A lot of people need my blood, so it's okay. Donating blood is a basic responsibility I should fulfil."

The 28-year-old DJ will be one of the blood donors at the SPH Red Apple Day next Tuesday, a biannual blood donation drive.

People who want to donate blood can go to the SPH News Centre Auditorium between noon and 5pm that day.

SPH staff will do their bit earlier, from 11am.

The event is dubbed Red Apple Day after the proverbial apple that keeps the doctor away. Blood donors will each receive a red apple after their contributions.

This is the 15th time SPH has organised Red Apple Day with the Singapore Red Cross.

The previous one, held in July last year, collected 165 units of blood from 277 donors.

The Blood Bank needs about 400 units of blood daily to meet patients' transfusion needs, but may receive only 280-300 units a day during the festive season, said the Singapore Red Cross.

Hence, it hopes members of the public will come forward.

Those wishing to donate blood must be between the ages of 16 and 60, weigh more than 45kg and have been free of illnesses in the past three weeks.