OCBC and SPH Jointly Launch Supplement (ST)

BackFeb 21, 2011

THE monthly bilingual news magazine ZbBz, launched in late 2009, will now include an investment supplement.

OCBC Bank and Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), which publishes ZbBz, yesterday jointly launched the new supplement, ZbBzi.

The magazine, published in English and Chinese, offers articles on luxury lifestyles and exotic travel, touching on topics that range from fine watches and high fashion to philanthropy. It also features personality profiles.

The ZbBzi supplement will include practical financial tips for readers.

OCBC said the profile of ZbBz readers dovetailed with its strategy of engaging young, educated and well-heeled customers seeking investment ideas and opportunities and wealth management advice.

ZbBzi will feature articles contributed by OCBC's wealth management experts on a wide range of wealth-related matters.

The new supplement will make a glittering debut, with this month's inaugural issue providing insights into investing in gold.

Later issues of ZbBzi will carry wealth management commentaries and articles. Topics will include wealth planning for families, the Singapore property market and whether China will emerge as the next economic superpower.

'We are combining a publication of high quality with a panel of leading wealth management specialists,' said Mr Ching Wei Hong, who heads global consumer financial services at OCBC.

'Our extensive knowledge and capabilities enable us to share diverse views and insights, and make the most complex wealth issues simple and edifying for our customers.'

Dr Ng King Kang, ZbBz's editorial consultant, said: 'With the launch of ZbBzi, we hope to provide our readers with greater insights into the world of wealth management, and help them to enhance their investment and financial knowledge.''