Listeners Stay Loyal to SPH's 91.3FM: Survey (ST)

BackNov 01, 2010

MOST English-language radio stations here have recorded declines over the two periods their listenership was tracked this year, but Singapore Press Holdings' (SPH) 91.3FM largely held its ground.

The station, which offers a diet of news and pop music, cornered 7.3 per cent of the market of 3.85 million adults in September to October, or about 281,500 listeners, according to the Nielsen Radio Diary survey.

This was only a shade lower than the 7.5 per cent recorded for the March to April period, the other time in the year Nielsen tracks listenership figures.

With this, the station has pipped MediaCorp's 938Live to become the fourth largest English-language station here. Pop station Class 95, rock station 987FM and classic-hits station Gold 90.5FM hold the top three spots among English channels.

Top-ranked Class 95, which commanded about a fifth of the adult English-language market in March to April, suffered a 5.3 percentage point drop in listenership in September to October. This was the largest dip in its history.

Its lower reach of 17.4 per cent in September to October translated to a loss of about 200,000 listeners, bringing its current listenership to about 671,000. English-language station 987FM clocked a 1.5 percentage point dip in the same period, bringing its total listenership to about 9.4 per cent, or about 362,000.

Chinese-language radio stations all picked up listeners between the two periods covered in the same survey, which polled 2,000 Singaporean adults aged 15 and above.

MediaCorp's YES 933 was the top Chinese-language station, although Capital 95.8FM, a MediaCorp infotainment station, recorded the largest growth of 3 percentage points, from a 17.5 per cent reach in March to April to a 20.5 per cent reach in September to October.

SPH's Radio 100.3, another infotainment station that caters to listeners aged 20 to 49, was ranked second in terms of growth, with a 2.7 percentage point jump from a 6.5 per cent reach in March to April to 9.2 per cent reach in September to October.

This worked out to 100,000 more listeners, bringing its total number of listeners to about 355,000.

Mr Patrick Daniel, editor-in-chief of SPH's English and Malay Newspapers Division and chairman of SPH UnionWorks, the group's radio unit, said: "SPH's radio stations have made steady progress for several years now. We have a great line-up of DJs and this is why we have done so well in our listenership numbers."