SPH Search CEO to Retire in End-September (ST)

BackJul 03, 2010

THE chief executive of SPH Search, Mr Paul Jansen, will be retiring at the end of September, Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) announced yesterday.

SPH Search is the company behind the online and mobile enhanced directory service, Rednano.

Mr Jansen, 57, will hand over the day-to-day running of the entity to its vice-president of sales and marketing, Mr Johnson Goh, who is to be re-designated as general manager.

Mr Jansen was appointed chief executive of SPH Search in September 2006 and launched in March 2008.

The company has seen strong growth in revenue and the number of users.

It has also won four regional and international awards for consumer innovation.

Mr Jansen joined The Straits Times in 1975 as a journalist and held a variety of editorial positions, including associate news editor, money desk editor and editor of daily newspaper Streats, which was later merged with Today.

Mr Jansen also helped put The Straits Times on the Internet in 1995, when there were only a handful of print newspapers on the Web.

He helmed the main nightly newscasts as presenter when SPH launched a television news operation in 2001.

Mr Jansen said yesterday: "There are some interesting options before me. I will most likely pick the one which revolves around something which I feel passionate about and into which I can throw myself wholeheartedly."