BT Is Top Business Daily For Advertisers (BT)

BackJun 18, 2009

It beat other publications like the The Wall Street Journal Asia and FT.

(SINGAPORE) The Business Times has clinched second place in Marketing magazine's Newspaper of the Year 2009 awards.

In doing so, it beat other publications like the The Wall Street Journal Asia and the Financial Times for a sweet spot in advertisers' minds and trailed only The Straits Times.

'We at BT are particularly proud to have topped the league of business newspapers, in the face of some formidable competition,' said BT editor Alvin Tay.

BT swept a total of six golds, 13 silvers and seven bronzes out of the 26 categories that it was ranked in, to emerge second behind The Straits Times.

It earned a gold for being the best publication to reach very-high-income earners, high-net-worth individuals, business travellers, investors, chief executive officers and managing directors, as well as chief financial officers and accountants on a local basis.

'Our 2009 Newspaper of the Year special demonstrates that The Business Times remains the leading business publication in Singapore in terms of advertiser preference,' said John Davidson, editor of Marketing.

'With the recent acquisitions of, Share Investor Guide and INVEST magazine, The Business Times has strengthened its content offering to readers and appears to be revamping its digital presence as well, amid strong competition from regional publications like The Wall Street Journal Asia and the Financial Times, as well as local titles such as The Edge.'

Marketing magazine also noted the diversity of BT's offerings with the use of the SPH Targeted Video Commercial that enables Internet users to access video commercials on BT's website.

The Wall Street Journal Asia and the Financial Times came in third and fourth in the rankings, respectively.

The annual survey of 950 senior client marketers and agency decision-makers in Singapore was conducted by research firm BDM Intelligence.

'Our Newspaper of the Year report is an invaluable tool for marketers and agency professionals who are looking to target specific audience segments - for example, teenage boys or luxury car buyers - with their print advertising campaigns in Singapore,' said Mr Davidson.

According to an end-2008 Nielsen survey cited by Marketing, 75 per cent of Singaporeans prefer newspapers as their No 1 medium of choice.