Change in TV channel names - Dec 22, 2004 (ST)

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Change in TV channel names

Dec 22, 2004
The Straits Times

MEDIACORP is changing the Chinese names of its Channel 5 and 8 stations to Wu Pin Dao and Ba Pin Dao, to align them with You Pin Dao, or Channel U, it said yesterday.

The stations are currently known as Di Wu Bo Dao and Di Ba Bo Dao.

MediaCorp TV12's Suria will be referred to as Zhao Yang Pin Dao and Central as Ju Dian Pin Dao in Chinese.

The move is part of the 'corporate effort to adopt the best from both MediaCorp and SPH MediaWorks,' said MediaCorp's group CEO Ernest Wong.

The two media companies announced the merger of their mass market TV operations on Sept 17 this year.

From Jan 1, MediaWorks' Channel U will become part of the MediaCorp Group, while Channel i will close.

Channel U's news bulletins will also be moved from their current time slots of 6.30pm and 10pm to 7pm and 11pm, and be anchored by Liang Ni and Serene Loo, who now present the noon news on Channel 8.