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Print advertising in SPH papers work

Nov 08, 2006
The Business Times

NEWSPAPER advertising still works in the multimedia age, as a recent campaign by Singapore Press Holdings and hair and skincare company LD Waxson shows.

Fine print: Advertisements in SPH papers helped LD Waxson's Bio-essence enjoy increased sales.

SPH worked with the homegrown hair and skincare company in August to test the power of print advertising in promoting LD Waxson's Bio-essence freckle-fading products. From Aug 11, 'Love Your Face' advertisements fronted by Hong Kong actress Gigi Lai appeared in major SPH papers for two weeks, while LD Waxson refrained from television and other advertising.

LD Waxson said sales in August surged much the way they did in June at the height of the Great Singapore Sale, based on four-month tracking from May to August. Bio-essence also enjoyed better branding, with 10 per cent of respondents saying the product offers the most value-for-money, versus 7 per cent before the newspaper campaign.

LD Waxson chairman Tor Lam Huat said: 'We are very pleased with the campaign, which shows that mainstream newspapers deliver results when it comes to building brand commitment and producing enduring attitudinal changes.

'Thanks to the ads, sales of our anti-freckles range far surpassed our targets. Even our other existing products benefited from the campaign.'