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SPH grooms talents to stay ahead

Ten students selected from a pool of 443 applicants were awarded the 2007 SPH Journalism Scholarships.

Jul 14, 2007
The Business Times

MEDIA group Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) needs to continue to attract and groom talents to stay ahead of the game, chairman Tony Tan said yesterday at a scholarship award ceremony.

'This is part of our company's investment for the future,' said Dr Tan, who is also chairman of SPH Foundation, the group's registered charity. A total of 28 scholarships from SPH and SPH Foundation were handed out to students.

'Over the years, we have built a solid reputation for credible reporting and quality writing. We need to attract and groom talents to continue this fine tradition and ensure that we stay ahead of the game.'

Ten students selected from a pool of 443 applicants were awarded the 2007 SPH Journalism Scholarships, of which six will be pursuing their studies overseas. All these 10 scholars will join SPH's newsrooms upon completion of their studies. SPH has been awarding local and overseas scholarships since 1987 to attract top students to pursue a career in the media. Dr Tan said talent is vital for SPH, especially with future challenges from new forms of media and journalism.

'The future of the media marketplace will only be more exciting than it is now. I am sure many among you are bloggers or citizen journalists, and are actively participating in the creation of media content yourselves,' said Dr Tan, adding: 'The challenge for SPH is to stand out from the information explosion with our credible and quality content, and to repeat our success stories beyond print and beyond Singapore.'

SPH also handed out three university, four polytechnic and six junior college awards to the children of its staff and one university award for a newspaper vendor's child. Since 1975, it has been offering such scholarships to recognise the contributions of staff and newspaper vendors to the company.

Four students pursuing language studies received awards under SPH Foundation's Lim Kim San Memorial Scholarship scheme.