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Traditional media still king despite advent of new media

Most newspaper titles have maintained their position in overall readership, according to the Nielsen Media Index 2007 survey.

By Lynette Khoo
Oct 20, 2007
The Business Times

TRADITIONAL media is holding its own in media consumption here despite competition from new media choices and changing consumer habits, the Nielsen Media Index 2007 survey shows.

The print media has remained an integral part of people's media choice set, with most newspaper titles maintaining their position in overall readership.

The readership of English dailies settled at 50 per cent - a slight dip from last year's 52 per cent. The Straits Times retains its top position at 38 per cent readership, followed by Today with 17 per cent.

The New Paper and The Business Times sustained their positions with 15 per cent and 2 per cent readership respectively.

The Business Times has retained its core elite reader base, the survey shows, with PMEBs making up 78 per cent of their readers.

The readership of Chinese dailies edged one percentage point up to 34 per cent, with Lianhe Zaobao remaining the top Chinese daily with a readership of 17 per cent. Magazine readership also continues to thrive, thanks to the introduction of new and rebranded titles.

Despite an influx of changes in the television landscape here with the launch of IPTV and video-on-demand broadband TV services like Mio TV, M2B World and MobTV, terrestrial TV continues to be a staple media choice, with some 83 per cent of viewers reported watching terrestrial TV yesterday and 96 per cent in the past week. The survey by the Nielsen Company also showed another interesting trend - that the Internet and cable TV, once deemed as alternative media, are fast becoming mainstream for half of Singapore's population.

Close to half of the population is now subscribing to cable television, up three percentage points from a year ago. Cable viewership for the past week category increased by over two percentage points to 47 per cent, while yesterday viewership rose from 35 per cent to 37 per cent.

'With the cable take-up nearing half the population in Singapore, cable TV is now a maturing medium,' said Rebecca Tan, executive director of Nielsen Media Research, Singapore, for the Nielsen Company.

This could also be attributed to the increase in digital content channels and attractive perks provided by StarHub, she noted, and with the entry of more subscription-based TV operators and video-on-demand options, further adjustments in the viewing patterns and habits are likely.

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The Internet has also seen increased usage, with one in two people reporting yesterday usage, while almost three in five said they had used the Internet in the past week.

Registered increments for yesterday usage were not only seen among the young and affluent but across all major occupation groups - the PMEBs, other white collar, students, blue collar and housewives.

This is in line with the fast penetration of the Internet along with the development of Internet-related technologies, including higher speed upgrades, more wireless options offered by existing service providers and the advent of free 'hot spots', Ms Tan said.