Shoppers embrace ST701 Spree with open arms - May 04, 2008 (BT)

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Shoppers embrace ST701 Spree with open arms

Most of the spree boxes were closed near the maximum cap of US$195.

May 04, 2008
The Business Times

SINCE the launch of the ST701 Spree at on April 18, online shoppers have responded with open arms and, more importantly, open wallets.

Said Dennis Tan, group account manager of ST701 Shops, 'ST701 Spree started off well, with some spree boxes being closed within four hours. Most of the boxes were also closed near the maximum cap of US$195.'

'I believe its popularity lies in the ease of use because any one can join as a member and start a spree box. The order process is very simple and fast. Users only need to use one entry point to access more than 600 online stores and there is no need to get the approval of the moderator of a forum to start a spree box, which could take up to a week.'

Agreeing, blogger Serene, 22, said, 'As I organise sprees quite often on livejournal, I find ST701 Spree much more efficient as there is no need for approval to start a spree from the forum moderators. My spree box closed within one day when I posted up my Old Navy sale spree.'

In an online spree, a group of online shoppers band together informally to form a spree group to combine their purchases from an overseas merchant and share the shipping and handling costs.

By partnering comGateway, ST701 allows spree shoppers to get around problems such as security and the fact that the majority of US merchants accept only US-issued credit cards and ship only within the US.