The Straits Times RazorTV goes 'Live'! - Aug 08, 2008 (BT)

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The Straits Times RazorTV goes 'Live'!

A world's first in online television services with real-time interactivity between the web studio and amongst audience.

Aug 08, 2008

Media release

The Straits Times RazorTV, a novel interactive Web TV service of the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), has commenced its first programming. Dr Tony Tan, Chairman of the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), launched the online television service's first programming today.

RazorTV is a free access, interactive webcast service that offers 'live' streaming of studio content and on-demand videos over a real time interactive platform. Coupled with real-time interactivity between the web studio and the audience, and among members of the audience, this service is a unique convergence of web TV and social networking that aims to fully exploit Web 2.0 technologies.

Felix Soh, Digital Media Editor at SPH's English and Malay Newspaper Division said, "The RazorTV team has been eagerly awaiting the launch of our first programming since the opening of our Multimedia Centre in February 2008. Our programmes are created in a talkshow-like format and are backed by interactive technologies that will allow users to engage and interact with the programme hosts, studio guests and other user audiences. With the emphasis on creating this new user-centric paradigm, there can be no better way to leverage on real time social interactivity to capture new eyeballs and better engage the audience."

Objectives of RazorTV

Targeting those between 18 and 40 years old, the web news and current affairs channel will be young, hip and informal.

Positioned as a hyper-local station with the vision to engage all Singaporeans, it will bring raw, edgy and sharp news and lifestyle features to the netizen's plate.

It will also feature largely uncut interviews to bring out the full flavour of events. With real-time interactivity, cyber citizens can casually chat with presenters, interviewees and other netizens.

Technology employed for RazorTV

Adopting the Web 2.0 paradigm of Architecture Of Participation, viewers become co-hosts of shows as they rate, comment and vote in polls all in real time as the LIVE show is webcast.

Rich interactivity is achieved through generous use of Web 2.0 technologies like AJAX and Flash.

An advanced Web Content Management system is used to catalog all shows and provide them as VODs so that viewers can enjoy the shows later.

Combining advanced bandwidth detection at the client end with state of the art intelligent Internet routing, viewers can expect quality videos on their computers.

At a later stage, viewers can also generate clips, personalise and share them with their friends - a unique convergence of web TV and social networking.

Next generation Web 2.0 technologies with high-level user tools such as Rich Internet Applications techniques will be developed for greater interactivity and connectivity with other platforms. This is to allow netizens to create content, create, share and personalise content with the RazorTV community.

As a suite of Application Programming Interfaces (API) will be developed, third-party developers can also create innovative applications to enhance the channel's Web 2.0 experience.

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