Two BT reporters bag SIAS awards - Oct 10, 2008 (BT)

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Two BT reporters bag SIAS awards

Lianhe Zaobao scribe named best financial journalist of the year.

By Conrad Tan
Oct 10, 2008
The Business Times

(SINGAPORE) Reporters from The Business Times won two of the five prizes for journalists at this year's SIAS Investors' Choice awards.

Senior correspondent Kalpana Rashiwala won a special award for 'outstanding and beneficial' contributions to the investing community in Singapore.

Reporter Chew Xiang was named the Most Promising Journalist of the Year. 'It's a big honour and I'll try to work to deserve it,' he said.

BT news editor Lilian Ang said: 'For a young reporter with barely a year's experience, Chew Xiang shows remarkable resourcefulness and initiative in his work. He is sharp, street-wise, situationally aware and has a way with sources. He is definitely a young journalist with a lot of promise.'

The Best Financial Journalist of the Year Award went to Ng Hwee Min, a senior correspondent at Chinese-language daily Lianhe Zaobao.

Christie Loh, a correspondent at Today newspaper, won the Best Financial Story of the Year award while Conrad Raj, editor-at-large at Today, received a special award.

On Ms Rashiwala's win, Ms Ang said: 'Kalpana enjoys a solid reputation for both breadth and depth of her coverage of property news. Property veterans rate her highly for her professionalism, her ability to break stories, her understanding of the market and the very thorough research she does for her pieces.'

Alan Chan, chief executive of Singapore Press Holdings, which publishes BT and Lianhe Zaobao, said that the company's editorial staff have 'consistently done us proud by clinching various journalist awards year after year'.

'It is testimony to our publications' high quality of reporting. I congratulate our three winning correspondents,' he said.

Lianhe Zaobao associate business editor David Poh said that Ms Ng is 'a dedicated journalist with a wide network of property contacts and strong analytical ability', who contributes 'penetrating insights much to the benefit of local property buyers'.

Asked what he likes about being a business journalist, BT's Mr Chew said: 'I've learned a lot and it's a great way to meet many interesting people.'