Younger team to helm SPH's Chinese newspapers division - Jan 21, 2009 (ST)

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Younger team to helm SPH's Chinese newspapers division

It says it will allow the papers to break new ground.

By Jermyn Chow
Jan 21, 2009
The Straits Times

SINGAPORE Press Holdings (SPH) has reshuffled the top brass of its Chinese newspaper division, saying it will allow the papers to break new ground.

The new appointments will see a younger team of editors assume senior positions at flagship Lianhe Zaobao, evening tabloid Lianhe Wanbao and bilingual freesheet mypaper.

SPH senior executive vice-president of Chinese Newspapers and Newspaper Services Robin Hu said: 'I am happy to see the emergence of a team of talented journalists in their 30s and 40s rising to the occasion to meet new challenges.'

Heading the list of new appointments is Mr Goh Sin Teck, who moves up to become Lianhe Zaobao's executive deputy editor. As the paper's second in command, the 45-year-old will oversee the political, business and foreign news sections as well as the online portal

At Lianhe Wanbao, Mr Chua Chim Kang, 43, will take over as editor. The former head of mypaper, Mr Chua will continue to oversee online portal Meanwhile, mypaper's deputy editor Pung Koon King, 38, has been promoted to the top job.

There are other changes in the upper echelons of the division. Lianhe Zaobao's two associate editors - Mr Yee Kong Hwa and Mr Giam Meng Tuck - will assume new responsibilities. Mr Yee, 56, is now in charge of the paper's art section and back-end operations while Mr Giam, 56, oversees the Chinese daily's commentary and forum section. Mr Lim Jim Koon, 59, stays on as Zaobao editor.

The Zaobao line-up sees two newly appointed senior executive editors. Ms Lee Huay Leng, 37, is the youngest and only female to be made a senior editor. She will be in charge of the local news, China and photo desks, and student weeklies Thumbs Up and zbComma. The other is outgoing acting Lianhe Wanbao editor Peter Ong, 47, who will oversee Zaobao Sunday and the lifestyle and sports desks.

Rounding out the new line-up are Mr Pan Cheng Lui, 54, who becomes editor of the evening papers' Central Integrated Newsroom; Mr Choo Chee Wee, Wanbao's new executive editor; Ms Goh Sin Hwee, 47, Zaobao's new local news editor; and Mr Chan Cheow Pong, 31, news editor of mypaper.