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StarHub and Straits Times high on Superbrands list

Four homegrown brands here achieve Top 10 ranking.

By Michelle Yeo
Apr 01, 2009
The Business Times

BRANDS such as Google, StarHub and The Straits Times made it to the list of Singapore's top 10 favourite brands 2009, according to a survey from Superbrands conducted by The Nielsen Company.

The latest findings from Superbrands identified more than 500 of Singapore consumers' favourite brands across 93 categories of consumer products and services.

The top 10 brands were those with the greatest number of consumers identifying them as their favourite.

The survey was conducted online and consisted of a panel of 1,500 consumers in Singapore.

Consumers were asked to identify their favourite brands in each of the categories and brand name responses were unprompted.

Toothpaste brand Colgate and Internet search engine Google took the top two spots, followed by service provider StarHub, which was also the highest ranked homegrown brand.

'It is interesting to note the relative positions of brands that compete within the same category such as Google vs Yahoo, and StarHub vs SingTel,' said Mark Pointer, CEO of Superbrands Singapore.

He added: 'The survey was conducted just over a month ago and hence represents a very current finger on the pulse of Singapore consumers and their predisposition towards brands and brand choice.'

NTUC FairPrice and The Straits Times also dominated their categories and made it to the top 10 list by achieving more than double the number of votes from consumers than their next nearest competitor.

In addition, Colgate and Sony managed to achieve the top 10 rankings in all the three markets - Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

'Colgate and Sony have achieved broad-based consumer appeal and are able to transcend borders and become today's international Superbrands,' Mr Pointer said.

Singapore's homegrown brands had the most success with four achieving a top 10 rank among local consumers, whereas only two local brands in Hong Kong and one local brand in Malaysia made it to their top 10 lists respectively.

Paul Richmond, managing director, Consumer Group, The Nielsen Company Singapore and Malaysia, said: 'In this time of economic uncertainties, it is even more crucial to have strong brands to retain customer loyalty and sustain business growth.'

He added that brands with the greatest equity are more likely to tide over the tough times as customers are willing to pay higher prices for products which they have established a closer relationship with.


The top ten:

  1. Colgate
  2. Google
  3. Starhub
  4. NTUC Fairprice
  5. Sony
  6. SingTel
  7. Yahoo!
  8. The Straits Times
  9. 7-Eleven
  10. Nippon Paint