Financial Information

  1. When is SPH's financial year-end?
    The Company's financial year ends on 31 Aug.

  2. Where can I find past financial information on SPH?
    You may find past financial information under Latest Results from our IR website.

  3. When does SPH announce its financial results?
    Please refer to our Financial Calendar for indicative dates of the Company's results announcement.

  4. Where can I find SPH's financial ratios?
    You may find the Company’s Financial Ratios from our IR website.

  5. How can I obtain a copy of SPH's annual report?
    You may refer to our online Annual Reports.


  1. What is SPH's dividend policy?
    SPH does not have a stated dividend policy. However, we always aim to deliver a sustainable dividend payout from our operating profit. You may refer to the charts on our dividends and dividend payout ratio in our latest annual report (available online at Annual Reports).

  2. What is SPH's dividend history?
    Please refer to our Dividends History.

Events and Updates

  1. When is SPH's annual general meeting (AGM)?
    The Company’s AGM is usually held in late November or early December. Please refer to our AGM on our IR website for more information.

  2. How can I be notified of company announcements?
    You may subscribe to our Email Alerts to be notified of company announcements.

  3. Does SPH partake in investment conferences or roadshows, and if so, which ones?
    Yes, SPH partakes in several investment conferences and roadshows every year. Please refer to our Financial Calendar for more details.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

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